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Butoh Encounters creates performative events based on interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational collaborations. Japanese Butoh dance is an entry point to explore socially and culturally current themes, especially in the context of transhumanism. The platform’s mission is to connect people and ways of thinking that might otherwise have remained isolated. 




The platform was initiated by Karolina Bieszczad-Stie in 2017. She uses art and science to research human condition for the future. Through artistic research she explores the body in different forms: non-biological bodies, hybrid bodies, non-permanent bodies. Her practice is driven by curiosity as well as the wish to redefine the existing ways of choreographing and dancing as they may no longer apply to the future Homo Evolutis (a term coined by Juan Enriquez that describes new species of human, resulting from evolution driven by human choice - AI, genome editing, body extensions, etc). 


Karolina has a PhD in Performing Arts from Brunel University in London. During her academic research she met prof. Stelarc (later the examiner of her doctoral thesis) who introduced her to transhumanism and inspired her creative search for alternative futures. Karolina's tentative future vision is that of a choreographer and dancer who are “trans-formers”, capable of reconfiguring and transferring various types of information, hence having new competence in creating and facilitating intersubjective communications and relations. She imagines a non-dystopian alternative future for them where their expertise in body movement is crucial for a trans-disciplinary and transhuman society.

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