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New You New Me

New You New Me challenges both fashion and dance world by combining the two fields into a unique performative event. HAiKw/’s clothing collection transforms the language of trend forecasting into the trends themselves as it manipulates the found rhetoric of industry reports and fashion house press releases into clairvoyant prints of pinstripes and wavy lines.



The printed constellations throw industry cant into a universe of oral patterns, watermarks, and colour swatches. The collection then overlays these prints onto the corporeal methodology and contorted aesthetics of Butoh. The idea of Butoh, as well as a hands-on collaboration with the Butoh Encounters platform, works to inspire the family of knots, twists, diagonals, and inversions. This range of apparel becomes a new architecture for Butoh dancers’ bodies when they present the collection in an interactive way for the audience.

HaiK - Jan Khür - Butoh Encounters-8334.jpg

The dancers are transformed by the garments and at the same time they transform the garments through their body work. Designed clothings are not costumes or props but become inseparable unity with dancers in the process of metamorphosis. Together, they produce their own stage life, autonomic, not referring to a fictional dramatic plot. The result is a dance/fashion show that is at once mischievous, experimental, absurd, and self-reflective.

HaiK - Jan Khür - Butoh Encounters-8362.jpg

Premiere: 24th August 2017

Shown at Oslo Runway

1857, Tøyenbekken, 0188 Oslo

Concept & direction: Karolina Bieszczad-Stie

Collection: HAiKw/

Dancers: Kristin Nango, Margete Slettebø, Megumi Wakasa, Azumaru, Daisuke Yoshimoto

Music: Bendik Baksaas

Lighting design: Stein Stie

Photos: Jan Khür 

Funded by:

1857, Nordvegan, Gourmeriet, Chunichi Inadomi Fondet, Dagslys, Kyrre Studio

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