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The Last Supper

A chef is invited to compose a gourmet dinner. Daisuke Yoshimoto dances with the food during a seated performance in a restaurant where audience are his guests. A restaurant dissolves into Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last supper” images filled with taste, smell, memory and gestures. 


The Last Supper is a spectacle that enriches ephemeral and sensual experience of dining. In this experimental concept eating becomes much more than a physiological need and dinning becomes much more than eating food. Haute cuisine is brought into life, while Daisuke celebrates textures, flavours, scents and colours, craftily combined by a chef. The chef and the dancer are equal creators of the event. This intriguing, yet non intrusive performance is a visual and somatic food narration.

photo_ Monica Lovdahl_2.jpg


First Course: King crab, onions, berries

(Allergens: King crab)

Main Course: Brisket, Tomato, Burnt Salad

(Allergens: Butter)

Dessert: Apples, vanilla, cream, caramel

(Allergens: Butter, cream)


Premiere: 26th August 2017

Losæter, Oslo

Concept and direction: Karolina Bieszczad-Stie 

Producer: Food Studio 

Chef: Magnus Morveto

Dancers: Daisuke Yoshimoto and Megumi Wakasa

Photos: Monica Løvdahl 

Funded by:

1857, Nordvegan, Gourmeriet, Chunichi Inadomi Fondet, Dagslys, Kyrre Studio

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